Friday, January 16, 2009


Here's our cutie little tree (that my mom picked out) and our pillow Lindsay gave us last Christmas. I love decorating for Christmas!

My mom's beautiful tree (that I picked out) and all of the presents!

Sandy getting up to give us Christmas morning kisses.

Sean's here! The festivities can begin!

Sandra Lucille guarding the gifts like every year. I shook the box of treats we wrapped up for her and told her that was her gift. When I came out a few minutes later, she had her little paws on top of it! I don't know if she was being protective or about to rip it open!

These are all of the pictures I took on Christmas day...pretty sad! We are so rushed everywhere we go that I don't even think to take pictures.
We started the morning by opening our gifts to each other at our place.
Then we went to my moms and opened gifts and stockings there.
Then I made rolls for the ham lunch at Nana's (the same fabulous ones I made for Thanksgiving).
We then went over to Nana's with the cousins...everything was so yummy!
Then we had to leave early to go down to Matt's Aunt's in Santa Barbara.
From there we went to Matt's Great Aunt's house, had more food, and I held Gray most of the time (:D yes!).
Then up to Lompoc we went with the Millers to open gifts and play games.
By the end of the night, we are always wiped out...but feel very loved & popular! ;)


The Miller Family said...

you are sooo lucky you live that close to Ben/Matt's family, especially for holidays! I love those guys! How fun! I 'm sooo jealous! Someday I will join you, someday!!!

Kara Miller said...

Please move out here!!! We need everyone together for the holidays! :)

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