Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Matt here, filling in for Kara

Well its me, Matt Miller. I thought I would get in the blog and tell my peeps what is up with me while Kara is in Vegas. Turns out it's pretty easy to get in this blog. It was already filled in... awesome. So back to what's going on. Well I played Rockband today. It makes me really feel like I'm important. I have like a million fans and who can say in real life that one million people love 'em. yeah, not very many. I really should have done it's too late now. It feels so good to tell everyone that reads this how I feel. Let me ask the husbands of wives with blogs a question. Do you ever feel like you gotta watch what you say in fear that she will put it up on the blog? yeah, welcome to my life. I sleep with one eye open in this house. One eye sleepin', and one eye watchin' out for blogcreepers. Yeah, you heard me BLOGCREEPERS! they'll snap pictures and put them on the World Wide Web when you least expect it. Then before you know it you get fired from your job because your boss saw the mushy stuff you did for your wife and says "you're a sissy lala, get out of my office".
Now I don't say this to alarm you but to warn you. Fox News said these are real and they never lie.

ok bye


Laura & Tyson said...

I think this is hilarious. While I was reading your post I was thinking about a yoga pose Tyson was doing that I snapped a picture of. It is currently sitting on my computer waiting for the right moment to be blogged about.

JaRele said...

You've got a hard life Mattie. You're just lucky your wife thinks you're cute enough to put up on the web. ;)

Anonymous said...

haha! oh Matty you crack me up! Don't lose too much sleep :)

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