Friday, February 27, 2009

WPPI in Vegas!

My friend, Jasmine, told me about this convention. (Check out her beautiful photography here.) It sounded so cool, and she ever-so-gracefully invited me to go with her! Her adorable girls have made appearances on this blog, here, and here. I'm kind of obsessed with their cuteness.
Back to WPPI...
It was indimidating, informative, inspirational (I ran out of i' much for alliteration), exciting, overwhelming, wonderful, and fun.
I realized that I have a lot to learn as a photographer.
I also learned that everybody has to start somewhere! So here I go...starting my beginning of becoming a great photographer.

Click on the collage to see close-ups of some fun we had!
Yes, we stayed at the Hooters hotel. I giggled every time someone asked where we were staying!


Ashley & Nathan said...

We do have passes, call us, we would love to come : )

My number is (951)834-8287 and Nathans is (951) 816-8345

Kelly Segre said...

Let me know if you go next year!!

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