Thursday, September 18, 2008

Magical Unicorns and Happy Pictures

This is my sister-in-law, Karina. She was on TV! It was cool. We were watching the CES Fireside because my sister Lindsay sang in the choir. Elder Holland gave such a beautiful talk! So we saw Lindsay sing, then the commercials came on after - and there was Karina! She taught English in China and they were advertising study abroad through BYU. Both of our sisters were on TV! :)
Isn't my little brother such a handsome guy? 
I drew this magical unicorn for my 3rd grade boys. They were in awe of how incredible it was. One of my little guys talks just like Pedro on Napoleon Dynamite. He said, "You shoul' draw a tree on eet." So I did. Then he told me to draw another one below it. Then he said, "Ee nees a crown." So there you have it.  
This is Logan telling Matt that he's her best friend. Then giving him a kiss :)
He's gonna be such a great dad :)

I just love this picture. Look at Avery's little face! How can you say no to her? I gave her my phone and she put it on the back of her head and pretended to talk on it. So cute.  

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Shannon said...

Love the magical unicorn!! You are so cool :))

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