Monday, September 29, 2008

Rescue Dawn

Blockbuster in our area is going out of business. :( I guess Netflix got 'em.
Matt bought Rescue Dawn for like $4 and we watched it this weekend. (He knows I love the Bale)

It was amazing! Such an inspirational (true) story. 
The neat thing is: we were talking last night at dinner about it, and my grandpa asked who the movie was about. We said, "Dieter Dengler." He said, "Oh I know him." So casually! Haha if you know Bobba, this is typical...everything is understated with him :) 
Anyway, it turns out after Dengler's escape from Laos and career with the Navy, he flew for TWA with my grandpa. Isn't that cool? 
Bobba said he always had the craziest stories, and you were never sure if he was telling the truth or exaggerating. After seeing this movie, he sure went through a lot! Highly recommend it. 

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Shannon said...

We really liked this movie too! That is so cool your grandpa knew him. Although I can only picture him as Christian Bale, so maybe I just think it's cool because of that! Who knows...

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