Monday, September 15, 2008

New Calling!

Yesterday I was sustained as the Primary teacher for the 7-year-olds! I am SO excited! They are so sweet. I have a little boy who is hard of hearing, and Christina Christiansen will be signing for him while I teach. How neat is that? 
Yesterday in Sharing Time, they held up a picture of the Salt Lake City Temple.  

A little girl in my class jumped up and yelled, "THE PRESIDENT'S HOUSE!!!"
It was awesome.  

It's so funny to me that my work life mirrors my church calling or vice versa. 
Job Calling
Claims Assistant @ a Worker's Comp Office    Librarian
Both included making copies, filing, etc. 
Instructional Assistant - Jr. High     Personal Progress Leader in Young Women
Included keeping records, helping same aged kids with goals/work
Instructional Assistant - Elementary    CTR 7 Primary Teacher
Teaching same aged kids, helping them learn!

Cool parallels huh?  


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My Homestead said...

Congrats on the new calling. That was my first calling when Jed and I got married. I was so confused because I had never been in primary before and I didn't know the songs. My first sharing time was a disaster. I was fired I mean released shortly after:)

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