Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chapman, May Grisham, Labor Day...

We babysat Avery & Logan last Saturday night. Aren't they the cutest?! We adore these little girls.
Logan says her boyfriends are Lightning McQueen and Matt :)
. . . 
This is what I'm constantly showing some of my students:
Sometimes it works. 
I have one sweet boy in 3rd grade who told me, "It's an honor to work with you." After we finished his math worksheet :) And he quotes the Ten Commandments to me and quizzes me, I need to brush up on my Old Testament!  
I love elementary kids. A day doesn't go by that I don't get a compliment...I love it! They are so sweet. Well, I work with one that is not sweet. But there's always one, isn't there?
The first two weeks of school, I was working 8 AM-2 PM because they hadn't hired another aide yet. I would come home at 2, do homework, then go to class from 5-10 PM Monday through Thursday. I was EXHAUSTED! Poor Matt got a hug and a kiss and I was asleep. I think I fell asleep one night when he was still talking to me. Sorry babe! 
I finally called the District Office on Friday and said, "I can't do this anymore, we need to get a sub or hire another aide." I just felt myself getting stretched too thin so early in the year, and I can't afford to get sick! There will be a sub this whole week. 
Today was my first day going part time, and it feels great! Now I have plenty of time when I get off at 11:30 to do my homework, eat, recharge and blog (of course). I'm glad I took the morning position, because I know myself. If I was supposed to go in at 11:30 I'd be sleeping in until 10 and wasting my day! This way I am up and ready for the day and can take a nap after work if I need to.
Here are some of my projects from my Chapman classes so far...
I love my classes! They are very time consuming, but it's all things I love to do.
. . .
On Sunday I was released from my Young Women's calling as Personal Progress Leader. :( 
I cried when my uncle extended the release...and get welled up just writing about it! I love those girls so much. They are incredible. I can't do Wednesday mutual nights anymore since I have class. I can't reschedule either, it would just postpone my graduation. I know the next PP Leader will be amazing and the girls will love her!  

Saturday I went to Avila Beach with my mom and Wiberg. It was a perfect day! (Minus the ocean eating my mom's prescription sunglasses)

It's amazing how fast your tan fades...one week and I already felt pasty. Not fair since I worked for that tan all summer! 
We are going to go to the beach every Saturday until it's too cold to go anymore! 

On Monday, Matt and I slept in, did Pilates together, went to the Ward BBQ Picnic, cleaned our room... 
and dyed my hair!
The roots were getting WT bad...
So this is the solution until I get paid! 

WHEW! I think we're all caught up :) Hope everyone is doing well with school, work, etc! 


Gena said...

LOVE the new hair!

Shannon C. said...

Love that cute kid and LOVE your hair! You and Linds, I'm telling you: gorgeous hair!

Jasmine said...

Dang those are some cute kids. Their parents must be AWESOME. Oh, and you inspired me to dye my hair yesterday :)

~Tyson and Laura~ said...

I did not know you had a blog. I was in LA on Friday. Got bored so I spent most the afternoon at Manhattan Beach (it was by my hotel). How is everything?

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