Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day!

Matt couldn't wait until the 14th, so I got all of my wonderful gifts a day early :) Thank you so much babe!
I surprised Matt with dinner when he got home from work.

Part of his gift was a crepe pan! He has been wanting one since he came home from France. He loves it.

Rocking out to some awesome love ballads. Like how I tricked him into cooking for me on V-day? ;)

I made all of the fillings...we had sweet and savory crepes. We had them at our wedding as well - but didn't get to eat them.
So I tried to re-create part of our reception meal.

We had chicken, caramelized onions, broccoli, a spinach/cheese spread & brie. They were so yummy!

And for the dessert crepes: drumroll please...

Strawberries and Nutella! C'est magnifique!

I love you Matthew Daniel are my best boy and reason for becoming a better person. Thank you for laughing with me and adoring me. You crack me up...thanks for giving the blog some love while I was in Vegas ;) More on that trip later! I still need to blog about our fun trip to Philly...too many awesome pictures to choose from!


Gena said...

Yummy. Your blog posts always make me hungry.

How are you & Matt NOT obese? :)

Diana said...

That's my boy! You brfing out the best in him!

The Miller Family said...

I'm with Diana, reading that post made me start brfing in my mouth too. Keep it up! Love it!!!!

Sue Sparks said...

Makes me ready for Avila Farmer's market and Johnny's crepes! :)

Sarah and John Root said...

Yummy!! That looks like fun :).

Anonymous said...

Cute cute! I hope both of you remember every day just how lucky you are!

Jesse said...

Man, I want some crepes now.

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