Friday, April 16, 2010

Ada Goes to Kindergarten

Yesterday I took Ada in to meet my mom's kindergarten class. Well, half of them. This is the afternoon group making funny faces so that Ada will laugh!
I had Ada in the Bjorn in front of me, and she loved it! While my mom was teaching, she was jabbering away and repeating along with the kids. I think she's going to love school just like her Mommy did :)
(That's Ada's arm in the bottom right corner)
I love how when I first got there, everyone was on the carpet. Slowly, all of the girls ended up on the edge over by the baby. They kept saying, "She's so cute!" "Hi Ada!" & "She's so chubby!"
It was adorable...girls really are little mommas from the beginning!


The Feuerleins said...

You know I love this post! Kindergarteners are so cute and they LOVE any child younger than them. How fun!

Diana said...

Yeah, ditto to Karina! I'm sure they loved Ada!

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