Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birth Month!

I turned 26 this month! It's crazy to think that I'm on the other side of my 20s now...closer to 30! As usual, the celebrating lasted all month.
To begin the festivities, my mom took me out to lunch and shopping in Santa Barbara. It was a perfect day!
Ada was in tow, of course :)
We ate at Stella Mare, the sweetest little French-themed restaurant. My mom saw it on Rachael Ray's show when she ate there. I had an incredible seafood sandwich with melted Gruyere on mouth is watering just thinking about it!
After shopping for a while, we stopped in at Pinkberry for a yummy treat! Ada loved the taste, but the cold threw her off a bit.
The next day, my actual birthday, we went to Avila Beach. It was a beautiful 80 degrees and we got a parking spot right in front as we drove up. Talk about a perfect gift! :)
Ada loved feeling the sand in her toes.
She has no a member of this family she will grow up on the beach!
My sweet 4 month old chubbalub & I
This was her second time at the beach...relaxing like an old pro ;)
Have you noticed the delicious rolls on her arms and legs?!
The next day, we headed up to San Luis for some tri-tip sandwiches at Firestone.
Ada got lots of attention all bundled up on her Daddy!
One lady was overly excited about how adorable she is; I got a little worried. It was funny though :)
We celebrated with Nana & Bobba on the 18th, coupled with our Easter celebration.
We had the annual egghunt and Becca beat me out by $2! She always wins! Matt and I decided that we will have an army of children to dominate the egghunts in the future. Ha!
Uncle Devin delivered again this year with an amazingly terrible gift! I have to take a picture of it and post it. It's awesome.
Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday, it has truly been an excellent one.
I have been surrounded by loved ones, in the places I love the most.
Here's to another great year of life ahead!


Allison and Mason: said...

Happy late birthday!!! I'm the worst friend for being late. I'm glad you had a good one though.

Quick question... what is your baby carrier called that Matt is always wearing? I am looking for one that can go on the front and the back. I think I have seen pictures of both. :) Fun shopping times!!!

Alissa said...

Happy (belated) birthday! I love that you guys ate at a fancy restaurant...mmm a seafood sandwich with melted Gruyere...I think I just died. YUM! Glad you had a great b-day! It sounded so fun!

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