Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ada is 10 Months Old!

Something about her age being in the double digits...TEN MONTHS! It just sounds so old! My Big Fat Greek Wedding, anyone? "Toula, when you gonna get married? You just!" Of course Ada's not looking that old, but boy is she growing up.

- Ada narrates her own books, it's like she is making up her own storylines as she turns the pages
- Kisses her books, toys, the sliding glass door, other babies, momma, papa...we may have created a monster! But oh how my heart turns to melted butter when she leans over and plants a slobbery kiss on my cheek without me asking for one.
Sleepy time with Papa
- Has her two bottom teeth showing more and more.   
- The other day she wouldn't go down for her nap. She would sleep in my arms, but then wake up when I laid her in her crib. So I decided I wanted a nap too & we hopped into my bed. We both slept, and Ada started moving in my arms. I thought, "No no no don't wake up!" as she wiggled her cute little body closer to me and put her chubby cheek right up against mine and fell back asleep. I almost cried...definitely one of those moments that make any frustration and exhaustion fade away. 

- She is walking around with one hand on things. I think I am going to look over at her soon and see her walking without touching anything!
Watching Grandpa with her plastic cup!
- Says, "Buh-buh" for bottle, bye bye, and bird (she loves watching the birds fly around outside). Also makes noises for animals, although sometimes she thinks everything is a doggie. 
- Loves other people. I have the greatest time running with her in the stroller. On the wharf the other day just about every person was pointing, waving, and smiling at her. She eats it up & turns her little head around to look up at me through the window with a big smile. 
- Shopping with her is fun as well, people give her stickers and draw pictures on the receipts for her. She was thoroughly entertained at the grocery store by throwing down a packet of soup mix and watching me retrieve it & shake it up while giving it back to her. Multiple times :)
- Claps & night as we take her down the stairs for bed she waves goodbye to whoever is left upstairs.
- Dances! Her little squat is too cute. Mostly her little right leg pops and bounces, it's awesome. 
- Squishes bananas, pears, plums, etc. in her little fists. Mealtime is quite the messy event these days! 
- Loves to be chased! It's funny to be downstairs and hear Ada's little crawl then Matt's pounding crawl behind her & the laughter that ensues. 
In her Halloween costume
- Has some funny little mannerisms. She tucks her little chin down really fast and laughs...or gets frustrated. It's one extreme or the other that causes the head-down-double-chin. Also opens her mouth as big as she can. Sometimes I can get her to do it by doing it myself, other times she just does it on her own! Another one is sticking out her lower jaw and straining. Such a funny girl!   
- Has lovingly earned the nickname little tornado. My days are spent chasing it, cleaning up after it, preventing destruction because of it...tidying up while the little tornado is napping...then doing it all over again. 
- Plays by herself & keeps happy and entertained. It's very entertaining to watch with all of her little noises and own language she has going on!  
At the beach 
- She really is such a joy to have around! She is a good-natured, happy baby (unless she's teething), full of energy and life! I am constantly humbled by my responsibility and calling to be a mother and loving the ride.  

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