Friday, October 29, 2010


Last month, Nana & Bobba were heading up to Sacramento to pick up some dishes from Betty Rae (Nana's sister) that belonged to my great-great grandma Ada Bundy, who my Ada is named after. Since they were heading up this way, they dropped my mom off with us for the weekend then came back through to get her and spend a day with us. 
It happened to be during a CRAZY heat wave, so we naturally headed to the beach.
It was record-breaking heat, 101 degrees on the beach. Insane! We were standing in the freezing water and it felt so good! Even Ada didn't mind being dipped in it to cool off.
When Nana & Bobba came, we went to eat on the wharf at Riva's. I had the crab sandwich and it was SO GOOD! The view is gorgeous.  
Ada loves her sippy cup and chugs the water just like her momma :)
We then walked down to an ice cream shop on the end of the wharf and all appreciated the cool down!
I love Bobba & Ada in this picture :)
I just love sitting back and watching everyone with Ada. It's so fun to have a little break to observe her with others!
It was so nice to have everyone...can't wait to see you again!

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Shannon said...

Her little skirted swimsuit is to die for!

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