Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas 2010

It was especially wonderful to be home for Christmas this year since we live away from our family now.
Sean loved my gift to him, a Snuggie! 
Last Christmas, Ada was just a 3-week-old bundle of sleepy joy! It was so fun to see her in action this Christmas.
She loves her instruments & has some great rhythm! 
I wish I could post the video of my mom and Bobba opening our gift, their reactions are priceless! But it was before everyone was ready for the day, so I'll keep it privvy. I framed a picture of Ada in her big sister shirt and when my mom opened it she said, "You're kidding! Oh my gosh!!! Another adorable baby!" Then proceeded to hug the baby doll Ada brought up to her :) She made Bobba come read it and he said, "Ohhhh," then realized it meant I was pregnant, and looked at me with big eyes and said, "OH!!!!" haha!
We put her in the shirt and brought her to my grandma's house and to Matt's parents house to be surprised!
My cousin Rach hugged me the day before and made a comment about me needing to eat when she found out I was pregnant, I was able to explain that nothing sounded good and I had been throwing up! 
(More recently I've been needing to eat all the time to avoid feeling the waistline has been expanding)  
Ada had so much fun with all of her aunties & uncles. 
At the end there Ada is making a run for Nana's fudge! I turned my head for two seconds and she had a square...little stinker! She let out the most pitiful whine as I wrestled it out of her chubby grip. What a mess!
We had a wonderful, relaxing time eating yummy food and playing games. Love and miss you all!

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