Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shooting With Bubs!

Over Christmas break, my grandpa took us out to Vandenberg Air Force Base to shoot some of his guns. 
The range is right on the ocean, it is just beautiful! 
Make sure you turn the volume down to watch these videos, between the wind, gunshots, and our voices while we had earplugs in -- they're LOUD.
Matty & Seanie looking soooo cool in their protective eyewear!
They call him eagle eye.
Here's Bobba, the original cowboy, with his six-shooter! He bought it in Arizona in the 1950s. So cool :)
I loved shooting the biggun...he has an awesome rest you set it in. Makes it so much easier to steady the gun!
Channeling Sarah Palin...it was COLD! 
 Thanks for such a fun time Bobba! Love you :)

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