Monday, November 19, 2012

Dry Shampoo & Scheduling

I've talked about dry shampoo before and how much I love it. My sister-in-law introduced me to it years ago and this brand is what she used and I've used it ever since. Smells like a lemon cookie on your head :)
 I just started doing something with it that CHANGED MY LIFE! 
Instead of putting it on in the morning, I put it on before I go to bed at night. This lets the powder soak up the grease and absorb it all so that in the morning, it looks like new! Here is a poorly lit bathroom self hair isn't red, promise. Self portraits are so awkward. 
This was Thursday night after washing my hair on Wednesday morning and putting dry shampoo in it that night.
It's like doing preventative work versus damage control. Give it a try & see for yourself! I gave a talk in church with 3-day old hair, and it looked good (I think...)! It also helps my slippery hair curl better. For Halloween as Minnie I curled it and it held for much longer that it would have with freshly-washed hair.
Moving on...I have a question for the moms. I used to get ready when I just had Ada during her morning nap. Now that I have two, they nap 12:30-2ish and I get ready then (most days). We have our fair share of lazy days around here :) It's so hard to get ready with my Lola because she has to be wherever I am. Which means she opens the shower curtain and gets soaked. When do you get ready? Shower at night? During naps? I'm curious to know what your routine is. 
Have a happy Thanksgiving! We are heading down south and I can't WAIT! :)  


Matthew said...

You always look good...grease or no grease!

Reeve family said...

Yes your hair looks good! I need to try this bc I wash my hair everyday after the gym and it gets old! I shower after the gym when Beckham is taking a nap. It's around 11 and my older one watches a movie.

Meg said...

Now with three there is no time I can shower when John isn't home. If by some miracle the two little guys are asleep at the same time, Ethan can manage, but the whole time I am in the shower I am paranoid and keep thinking I hear crying babies. And let's be honest, a shower doesn't happen every day. I try to keep a no-more-than-two-day rule =)

MoNiCa! said...

Where can I get some of this dry shampoo stuff? And how much is it? I hate washing my hair everyday! Plus I hear it's healthier for your hair if you don't wash it everyday. And I shower at night. I sleep better when I can go to bed fresh...and wash away the Audrey goo and dirt from playing hard! :)

Kara Miller said...

Thanks Stacie!! Meg I love the no more than 2 days without a shower rule! haha Good call :) Monica, click on the pic and you can buy it online at Sephora! Suave also has some at Target. I like showering at night too, but have to dry my hair or I don't sleep as well.

The Feuerleins said...

I just read this! I'm gonna try the night time thing! Good idea.

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