Monday, November 5, 2012

On Fasting

Yesterday was Fast Sunday. In our church, we fast (or go without food or drink) on the first Sunday of each month, and anytime we need to draw nearer to Heavenly Father.  Our Bishop asked us to dedicate this Fast Sunday to missionary work and finding opportunities to share the gospel with others.
It was really difficult for me. I haven't fasted in over three years because I've been either pregnant or nursing!
I prayed for strength to not focus on my physical needs but to be able to fast with purpose. I really struggled because I woke up thirsty and have a water bottle on my night stand at all times. I reached for it out of habit and then remembered it was Fast Sunday. The thought came into my head, "Just one sip, then you can start your fast." But I put it down and walked away.
The time change combined with Halloween candy sugar high made for a very rowdy bunch of children at church! Primary was out of control & when I went to pick Ada up from Nursery, she was running full speed and throwing herself onto the table. "WATCH ME, MOMMY!" Ughhhh
Poor Lola was so tired and was wrestling with Matt. He finally took her for a drive and she fell asleep.
I thought I was imagining the smell of food during third hour, but the Singles Ward has a break the fast meal after church. Torture for everyone else in the building!
I had a throbbing-behind-the-eye headache on the drive home and Matt and I were talking about going without food. I was telling him how I hear of moms who forget to eat because they're so busy. I will NEVER be one of those moms! How do you forget to eat?! I'm always snacking especially since I'm constantly fixing snacks and meals for the girls. If I don't eat I become such a grouch. And I'm always sipping on water or something (Dr. Pepper) :)
It got me wondering if it's something with our genetic men have an easier time going without food and drink than women do? That's how it is with Matt & I.
I felt so good after completing the fast and breaking it with a prayer for more missionary opportunities.
First order of business:
Nutella S'more :)
I'm hoping that I can work every month to get better and better at fasting. I know there is great power in fasting and have been a part of fasts that have resulted in miracles! The alternative is getting pregnant again, and that's not happening ANYTIME soon :) Is it hard for you to fast? Are you grouchy without food or just fine until you notice your stomach grumbling?


J+M said...

I am a grouch without food! Fasting is most definitely a very very very hard thing for me.

Reeve family said...

Yes fasting is so hard for me too. I haven't fasted the whole day in years bc of babies and nursing. I am slowing getting better.

Kara said...

So glad that I'm not the only one!

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