Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloweenpalooza 2012

On Saturday night, our Ward had a Trunk-or-Treat.
What is a Trunk-or-Treat you ask?
It's where everyone gives out candy from the trunks of their cars in a parking lot. 
It's nice because you know everyone (at least you should...if you don't ya might consider NOT trick-or-treating there) and it's a safe environment. 
Reasons I love the picture below:
1. Lola grabbing Matt's finger
2. Ada's face while holding her beloved necklace
3. Ada's glass slippers!
4. Lola trying to give kisses
5. Matt's wearing my old track spandex
We were Disney themed this year!
Minnie & Mickey Mouse with Cinderella and Princess's been fun. 
Ada makes us talk in high voices and calls us Minnie & Mickey while the ears are on. That got old real quick :)
Cinderella & Minnie
The Baers went as characters from UP! How adorable are their costumes?!
Trying to get a good picture of both girls...but all Lola cared about was that sucker :)
Ada saying, "Lola's dancing!"
Minnie & her Princesses :)
Then on Halloween, Chipotle was selling their burritos for $2 if you were in costume! You know we were all over tasted 10 times better because of the price :)
Afterward we went to the mall for trick-or-treating, but evidently people were there at 3 PM and most stores were out of candy. The girls still got some, but it's not like they needed more anyway. 
Ada enjoying her "Potate" and Lola with my lipstick on her cheek.
The next two pictures might possibly be the best ever taken on Halloween!
Life is hard as a princess!
Excited to go trick-or-treating? :) 
That's better. 
Ada loves Yo Gabba Gabba and got very excited about this display at the Vans store :)
All Halloweened out!
And here are Ada's little glass slippers in action...the heels lit up :)
The older the girls get, the more fun it is to celebrate the holidays with them. We put fake crows and spiderwebs on the mirrors and stuck paper spiders on the walls. I love the holidays! I hope your Halloween was sugar-filled and fun :)

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