Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Googleween 2012

Matt works for Google now! I'm still a teensy bit excited about it :)
They had a big carnival for all of the employees and spouses with children. How cool is that? They had free kettle corn (SOLD), a petting zoo, pumpkin patch, horse-drawn carriage ride, tractor ride, face painting, balloon animals, and lots of other fun things. We didn't even get to it all! 
It was funny because Matt was stoked on the horses and says, "Ada! Look over there! What do you see?" And she answers excitedly, "OH! I see Minnie! And princesses!" She could have cared less about all of the activities. She was just in awe of all of these people in costumes and couldn't stop looking at all of them!
My beautiful Cinderella. Can you believe how old she looks in this picture? Not even 3 yet! She also had just woken up...the girls usually fall asleep on the drive to Mountain View.
She had to wear her Cinderella necklace (neck-iss) and we put her comfy shoes on for walking on the lawn.
I told Ada to go stand by this guy for a picture. She quickly waved at him and kept her feet planted and hand clenched onto her Papa's! The thing's head spun around, it was pretty creepy.
Papa & Ada
I didn't realize how scary that scarecrow was until I saw these pictures! Ahhh!
Excited girls, both talking a mile a minute. Ada guarded the kettle corn like her life depended on it. Smart cookie :)
Our friends The Baers were there too! Devin works at Google as well & let Matt know about the position he now has. Thanks man!! 
Sweet Lola girl (Princess Tiana) on a mission to grab my soda! Poor thing is teething and has a terrible cold. It's been a rough couple of weeks for her.
Right after this, we headed to In-n-Out for dinner. I was able to join in on a Google Hangout on my phone with my whole family to hear that my cousin Matthew and his wife KayLa are having a baby GIRL in March! :D 
So excited for them & the fun that lies ahead with a sweet baby girl!

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