Saturday, April 6, 2013

1 Week Post-Op

Well, ye olde gallbladder has been history for 9 days now. I am happy to say that I am almost back to normal! The bellybutton incision is bruised and hurts the worst. The rest are just a little sore, depending if Lola kicks me or elbows me on that day :)

The day after the surgery, I felt the worst. There was pain in my neck and shoulders from all of the air bubbles, and I needed help laying down in bed and getting up. I pretty much hung out on the couch that day while Matt juggled work calls and watching the girls. He is super man! He says that he doesn't know how I do everything, and I made sure to point out that I'm not on the phone trying to close deals as I parent two little girls every day!

Friday night, my mom got into town and I was so happy to see her! The next day, Matt helped me shower (I couldn't get the bandages wet) and I felt so much better. It's amazing what clean hair and fresh make-up can do for a girl. My mom and I went to the Gilroy Outlets while Matt watched the girls and it was awesome! Everyone was skeptical of me going shopping two days after surgery, but it was a total break without two kids and a stroller :) We took our time (my mom said she's not used to me walking so slow) and got a lot accomplished. We even stopped at Target on the way home and got stuff for the girls' Easter baskets! My only major disappointment was that I could not find a good sports bra. Is it so much to ask for ample coverage on a high impact sports bra?! I went to lululemon, Nike, Jockey, and Under Amour and they all had flimsy sports bras or pads that looked ridiculous. I guess I'll just have to order one online and hope for the best.

Sunday I went to church and was kind of a zombie...Ada was really clingy to me so I went to Sunbeams with her and sat with her in Sharing Time. I made dinner and took a nap. Then the girls had their egg hunt & were so cute! Ada knew the routine and Lola just carried one egg around forever.

Monday we went to Downtown Santa Cruz and shopped some more. We had a yummy meal at Cafe Campiseno, it's a cute little green building outside of New Leaf Market with some seriously good Mexican food! It closes at 6 PM though, so plan accordingly.
I've been living in maxi dresses since the surgery! And my friend told me about these great things called half-shirts, I ordered one from Shade and need to get more! It's perfect for under dresses  and not wanting anything on your stomach. 
My mom has been such an incredible help to me. Lifting Lola in and out of her carseat, in and out of high chairs, lifting the stroller in and out of the back of her car, and carrying the carseat to her car. I'm not supposed to lift anything heavier than 10 lbs. for 2 weeks (yeah, not gonna happen...I've already broken that rule multiple times with Lola). 
She also got up with the girls and fixed them breakfast while letting me sleep in. And watched them when they woke up from naps so that I could nap too. I am convinced that I wouldn't be feeling as well now had she not come to help me when Matt went back to work. She is amazing!!

On Tuesday, we went to San Jose to go shopping some more! We went to the Stevens Creek Mall and had a blast. Ada doesn't like being in the stores for very long and can't wait to go back out into the mall! We ate at Cheesecake Factory and found a parking spot right in front of it. It was a good day :)
 In Nordstrom, I was wiping Lola's hands off with a baby wipe while my mom was checking out. I stood up and saw that Ada had wandered off. I wasn't worried, because she knows to stay close. After calling her name and walking a bit with no sign of her, I immediately went to the escalators that she was fascinated with. She wasn't there (thank goodness). I saw a girl flag my mom down and walked over to see a sad, scared, little Ada grabbing onto my mom's leg. I bent down to hug her and she said, "Mommy I was really lost!" She cried a little bit and my eyes welled up with tears. I thanked the sweet girl who worked at Nordstrom for helping her. She said that Ada told her my full name and exactly what I was wearing! That made me proud and I told Ada that she did everything right. It turns out that she was trying to get back to the dressing room where the pedestal is to look at your clothing in the mirror. The girl had the phone in her hand to page me, we got there just in time. She was gone for about 2 or 3 minutes, and we talked about how important it is to stay close! After the ordeal the girl asked Ada if she wanted a balloon and she lit up and forgot about the whole thing.

On Wednesday, we went to Zachary's for a scrumptious brunch. We shared Mike's Mess and brought home a loaf of their incredible whole wheat bread. When the girls napped, I finished laundry and packed. We drove down to Santa Maria while the girls were awake, and oh how I wished that I had been packed and ready to go during their nap! I didn't think to bring the DVD player and the drive was spent breaking up squabbles and trying to shush screaming. It hurt my incisions to keep turning around and I was so glad to finally arrive in SLO and get some tri-tip! We met up with Lindsay & the girls were so happy to see her :) They got to bed sooooo late and were so hard to put down. Subsequent nights have been much better!
On Thursday, we went to Farmers Market in SLO and met up with my friend Linda and her cute girls. I miss this so much!
Sam & Ada were born two weeks apart. They are so cute together & the best of friends!
 F. McLintock's BBQ, grilled artichokes, & lemonade! Mmm
Lola was happy with donut holes from SLO Donut Company & strawberries from Linda
And so tired from a fun day!
Yesterday, we went to Avila Beach's Farmers Market and the weather was PERFECT! Nice and warm, no wind, and clear blue skies. We met up with my sister-in-law, Kandie, and her kids, friends the Griffiths, Tiana & Linda and their girls. It was so fun! Fish tacos from Old Port Inn and lemonade, live music, friends & family...heaven!

 Tomorrow is my birthday!!! So happy to be home, feeling better, and celebrating with my dear family :)

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{leah} said...

Cute little girls!! And I'm impressed that you did so much after surgery!

I use to live in Monetery, and would go to the Gilroy Outlet all the time!

ps... I found you on TMB :)

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