Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Fault.

I did a bad thing. I didn't follow my training schedule. I completely forgot about a meeting for church last Wednesday night...I didn't put it in my calendar. Boo :( So when Matt got home from work, we went to Costco to pick up my antibiotics (yay for sinus headaches all day & night) and were planning on running my 5 miles as a family afterward. Then I got a text from my friend saying she was almost to the church and I went, "Oh no! I completely spaced!" Told them I'd be right there and hustled to the church. When I got home from my meeting, it was after dark and I was too scared to run alone...even with my pepper spray. That tells you something about Santa Cruz! The crazies come out at night.

So I ran my 5 miles the next day, which was supposed to be my rest day. Then I walked 1, ran 3, walked 1 the next day, Friday. Then I wore old tennis shoes camping that night. Bad, bad idea. I have extremely high arches. When I make a footprint on the ground, nothing connects my heel to the ball of my foot. My arch doesn't touch the ground at all! So I dug around for my old arch supports and couldn't find them but thought it wouldn't be a big deal. Wrong! My feet were so sore from wearing the old tennies while camping & painting the wharf the next day. Saturday was supposed to be my big 8 mile run, but I could only make it 3.3 miles before my right calf was giving me trouble. I knew better than to push through it and was running slow, stretching it out, everything I could think of. But I knew I had to stop and just let my feet & legs rest.
So I've been resting. I always rest on Sunday (wore my comfy heels to church too...does that make a difference for any of you ladies? Or is it just because of my high arches?). Monday I walked 2, ran 3, then came home. I was still sore but it was a huge improvement from Saturday's run. I took it easy and stretched often.

Today I ran a slow 4 and am sore. There were only tiny twinges here and there in my right calf where the pain was on Saturday. Mostly just soreness in my calves altogether. I've been trying to focus on running properly...keeping good form is really hard while pushing a stroller! Tomorrow is a rest day and I'm going to foam roll & stretch all day. While wearing my hot pink compression socks! Aww yeah :) Speaking of, keep checking back for something exciting...who doesn't love a giveaway?!

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