Friday, February 22, 2008

Gray's Blessing

Gray Donnelley Miller was blessed on Sunday, February 17th in Lompoc, CA.
Ryan did a wonderful job and Uncle Matt was glad to be a part of it. The things that stuck out to me were that he would be a strength for his friends, and that he should look to his namesakes for examples.
We love you Gray! 


Gena said...

Baby blessings are the sweetest! Marcia was telling me a few weeks back that Gray is Diana/Marcia's maiden name. I think that is so sweet that Ryan decided to name him after his mama! I love family names!

I hope we have a boy someday...I want to name him after his Daddy! :)

Karabeara said...

Blessing are so sweet. I hold Gray and tell him that he's going to be the big cool cousin that our kids look up to! It's crazy to think that we're going to watch him grow up.
I love family names too! We're naming our first boy after my maternal grandpa. AKA Bobba :)

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