Monday, February 4, 2008

In case you missed it...

Here is what our New Year Letter had to say:

Happy New Year!

2007 was full of new things and firsts for The Matthew Millers.

We had the opportunity to move to Kauai for the summer to work and play with friends! We went on our first helicopter ride, learned how to scuba dive, surfed, went to tons of beaches, and made lots of new friends. We celebrated our One-Year Wedding Anniversary on Kauai where we Honeymooned a year before. We pretended like we were rich and stayed at the Princeville Resort. It was definitely a highlight of the summer! 

We are now back in Santa Maria, CA continuing to work hard and stay busy. Kara has been called as the Personal Progress leader in Young Women’s and Matt is serving as Teachers Quorum Advisor in Young Men’s.

We love that we get to see each other on Mutual nights now, and the youth are great! It seems like just yesterday we were in their shoes. 

Kara is working as an Instructional Assistant with resource students at the Jr. High she graduated from. She has learned a ton and brushed up on her math skills! Matt is a Manager of a rent-to-own store in Grover Beach and loves it. He is learning many skills that will help him in the future.

Kara has finally decided on a major, Elementary Education. She wants to be a Kindergarten or First grade teacher like her mom and sister-in-law. Kara is going to start Chapman University this fall and is very excited that in two years she could have her own classroom! Matt has decided he wants to work with money (investing and making it). J He is working on his General Education at Allan Hancock College going towards his Business/Finance major.  

We are so grateful to live here with our families, friends, the beach, beautiful cities, and perfect weather. We’re working very hard, are very busy, and know that it all will pay off soon. We feel incredibly humbled by the opportunities and blessings that we have been given. We are grateful for our loved ones and friends in our lives and hope that you and yours have a wonderful 2008!



Gena said...

Kara! Your blog is so cute! I LOOOVEEE blogs! (As you can see...I'm crazy and I'm up at 1 a.m due to blogs! But what can I say. I wanted to get in a new post on mine while Emma was sleeping) :)

Alright'...I'm off to bed!

Take care, pretty lady!

Shannon C. said...

woot woot! welcome to the wonderful world of blogging... we're at

The Arnolds said...

I love blogging. Our blog address is

The Arnolds said...
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andrewanderinn said...

Welcome along! Check out our blog too!

Sarah and John Root said...

Welcome to the blogging world Kara (and Matt)! It's so much fun.

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