Monday, February 11, 2008

Kindergartners are adorable!

Last Friday Lakeview had a minimum day, so I offered to help my mom out in her Kindergarten class after work. Those kids are so cute! I helped while they did art, directed drawing, and made Cheerios necklaces out of 100 Cheerios that Zero the Hero brought them ;) 

Some favorite quotes from the kiddos:

"My mom is ninety." - Andy
"I know who you are. You're Mrs. Johnson's sister!" - Owen (my mom loved him for that one!)
"My sister has the exact same hair as you. Exactly." - Stephanie
"I'm going to do twelve Cheerios at the same time!" - Kevin 
"They're ranch flavored, I really don't think you'd like them." - Gianvanni (to another kid about his Corn Nuts at snack time) 

Ah, I can't wait to move down grade levels! 


Sarah and John Root said...

Aren't the little ones the best!!! I did my student teaching in a K/1 combo at Pine Grove a few years ago and oh what fun quotes I came home with everyday. They are just too cute!

Gena said...

I love the "My Mom is 90" quote!! So funny!

Karina said...

This is why I love my job. They are so hilarious! Awesome blog, by the way. I haven't added to mine in forever, but I'm glad you liked that mascara! :)

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