Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Celebrating All Weekend

Friday morning at 5:45 AM Matt and I went to wait in line for two of these!
Here's my cute nephew Gray (he's so modern at 6 months old) and my father-in-law Marc waiting in line with us. I refuse to have my picture taken that early. 
I absolutely LOVE mine! It took a while to get it activated with Apple's systems being overloaded, but since it's been up and running I haven't put it down. My mom was teasing us on Sunday, Matt and I were completely absorbed in our phones and not even paying attention to each other. "Nice anniversary gifts! You guys are ignoring each other!" Haha  
One of my favorite things about this incredible phone: it is a LIGHT SABER!!!! How much cooler can you get than that?! Yes, I realize that I am a nerd. And yes, I have been Princess Leia for Halloween before. Buns and all.
Diana sent us chocolate-covered strawberries for our anniversary :) YUM! Thanks ma-in-law! 
Matt snuck one before I could even take a picture!
. . . 
On Saturday we went down to Santa Barbara for the French Festival! 
This weirded me out. They put their country's flag on the dumpster! Hmm???
Matt eating a Nutella crepe
Me loving my Nutella and strawberry crepe!
Trying to perfect the Mona Lisa smile...
Gotta love SB and the crazy bums!
Matt getting the guillotine treatment
The Millers & Parkers @ Le Tour Eiffel
Both of our hubbies served their missions in France, so it was fun for them to talk to people in French. While Tiana and I talked to each other. :)

Later that night we babysat the Jesters.
This is their baby boy, I am in love with him!
I want my babies to look like him :)
Matt playing Wii with the boys
Joshy's adorable little face! This picture makes me so happy...such a cutie pie!
Mikayla loved playing with my camera, I have 20 more pictures just like this :) Every time she'd see the picture she'd laugh and go, "It's me!!"
. . . 
Sunday for brunch Matt made us true French toast! Yummy. 
Monday night Nana & Bobba took us out to Olive Garden for dinner, but I forgot to take pictures. They are the perfect example of a wonderful marriage. I hope Matt and I are still as much in love as they are in 50 years! 
Thanks to everyone who made our 2nd Anniversary a great one! 


Jared and Tori said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like a partay! I especially love the Monalisa picture :) You guys are the perfect couple! Love you both!

Ashley & Nathan said...

Hi Kara, this is Ashley Speaker, Nathan's wife :) It's nice to "meet" you too.. Texas hs been fun. Nathan is doing really well with work here, and we will finally get to come home in october:) I'm excited! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband:) I'll have to let Nathan know you left a message. He will love it. He only keeps on touch with, Garret, Nate, John Sais, and Matt.. Its nice to know he has other friends too.. He he.. JK:) Talk to you soon..
Ashley Speaker

Mitch said...

Looks like you had fun...Congrats! Sadly, I missed the concert, but I heard it was fun.

BTW, Nutella and Banana is the way to go!

Gena said...

FUN! Glad you two had such a fun anniversary weekend! And that french toast looks YUM!

Jesse said...

hey Kara, I made a reference to this post of yours, particularly your bit about the iPhone, on my blog.

i don't think you're the people who would be offended by what i said, but just in case... :)

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