Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eric Allen:

this is for you!!!
That's right...Firestone Grill's tri-tip sandwich :) Wish you were here!
My dad's most favorite place to eat. Of all the restaurants he's been to all over the world, Firestone wins!  
Oh how I love their sandwiches!  

Matt's a fan too. YUM!


Shannon said...

Mitch is jealously salivating over this... your post just may be the thing he needs to get us taking a trip back!! :)

bnat said...

this is very wrong. i got a feva! and the only prescription is some of that tri-tip sandwich...can't fed-ex send a sandwich one-day delivery or something.

Mitch said...

You are killing me, I had just forgotten all about firestone and you do this! Here's to salivating for months to come...

Kara said...

How's about y'all move out here and then we can eat Firestone any time you want!!! :D

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