Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Spent at the happiest place on Earth :] 
Matt and I had never been to Disneyland together, so this was a first for us! 
We went with Matt's side of the family: Clareesa & Felicia, Glen & Marsha and their kids, Karina (Matt's sister), & Kandie (Matt's sis-in-law). It's all about names that start with KA! 
I am angry that this sword would not come out. 
Matt's got the stance right!
Matt, Kara, Karina & Kandie on CA Screamin'
MY NEW FAVORITE RIDE!!!!!!! Tower of Terror...We went on it 4 times! 
Our bums after Splash Mountain...
There, there horsey.
I guess I have to explain the teeth. Marsha brought Billy Bob teeth for everyone to wear at this show. It's called Billy Hill and the Hillbillies and they perform at the Golden Horseshoe in Frontierland. Matt and I had never heard of it before, so we didn't know what to expect. It's 4 guys who are all very talented musicians. They jam out on the fiddle! The guy puts on Billy Bob teeth in the middle of the show, and when he did, we all put ours in. He totally got a kick out of it! He said, "Thanks for bringing teeth, y'all are nuts!"   
So ready for the Muppets! 
We had such a fun time with the fam. Disneyland is truly a magical place, even with all the crowds. I can't wait until we have little ones to take with us! 
I am so grateful that we live in a free country and for those who serve to keep it that way. We watched the beautiful fireworks from the ferris wheel at California Adventure and had the best seats in the house!  

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