Monday, June 30, 2008

Back from Girls Camp

I conveniently forgot to take any pictures at camp. Why you ask? I left my make-up bag at home. I was camping! One of the girls! I was the cabin leader for the YCL's...I feel like I was just a YCL yesterday. Crazy how time flies. The theme this year was Camp Disney: DISciples iN EverY Way. All of the Disney stuff got me so excited for our trip this weekend!! :D 
When I walked into the cabin on the first day, some of the girls from Pismo Beach asked, "Wait...are you a YCL or a leader?" hahahaa 
Things have changed. When I was a Young Woman, we were at Camp French in tents! Now the girls are up at Camp Whittier in cabins! It's much nicer. They even have a pool! The weather was great too, never too hot. 
I got home on Saturday and hadn't seen my baby in 4 days! So I picked him up on my way to Avila Beach :) We had fun...see below.


Erin said...

Hi Kara.
It's so fun to find old friends through blogging! I can't believe you work at Lakeview I recognize a lot of the teachers in your pictures.
We are going private on our blog so if you would like to get an invite just leave me your email address on my blog or email it to me at
Take care!

Jared and Tori said...

I love you guys! Kara you are GORGEOUS! Matt has some mighty jealous men out there :)

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