Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I mentioned in this post about how I thought some cloth napkins would look good in my hanging baskets. I love Pottery Barn! I found these bright cutie napkins on sale (bonus with the hubby)! 
It was one of those times when I'd seen them, loved them, but opted not to buy them. Then we went up to SLO again last night and I'd been thinking about them all week long, so I gave in and got 'em. What think ye? 
Ooh I also got a call today for a second interview! Whee! It's for a local babysitting/nanny agency and I'm stoked. It will be flexible and the perfect summer keep your fingers crossed!  


andrewanderinn said...

Good luck on the interview. I'm sure you'll do great. Who wouldn't want you to babysit them!?!?!I think the napkins are way cute by the way.

andrewanderinn said...

Ps: I finally finished the tag survey.

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