Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Drake Family Cruise 2008!

Warning....tons of pictures :)

We had such a blast! All 24 of us together on one boat! Watch out!!!! 

We had the perfect start to the family reunion by going to the Los Angeles Temple. 
My cousin, David Sterling Drake, has been called to serve as a missionary in the Kobe Japan Mission. It was such a sweet experience to go through the temple with him for the first time. We are SO proud of you David!  
Nana & Bobba with their newest endowed grandchild 
Aunt Colleen, David and Uncle Dana
All of the Preisthood holders in our family that went through with David
(from left to right) Uncle Devin, Uncle Dave, Bobba, David, Aunt Colleen's brother Carl (David's uncle), Matt, and Uncle Dana (David's dad)
        . . .
We stayed in the temple apartments that night and had so much fun catching up with all of our family! We got dinner from an amazing market, Bristol Farms (do you go there Erinn? I'm jealous it's so close to you!)...it's like Trader Joe's but more gourmet. 
Then it was off to the cruise! 
Matt and I in beautiful Cabo. 
Wearing Uncle Devin's ginormous hat while he was riding :)
We hung out on the beach this day and rode wave runners...so nice!  
I love getting dressed up :)
First formal night

Nana reserved the conference room for us on Sunday and we had our own Sacrament & Testimony Meeting. Then we had it again on Monday night for Family Home Evening, and then other days for us to play games. It was awesome! People kept poking their heads in to see what was going on :)  
We were posing in our smart casual outfits. This is not dumb casual! "I have many leather bound books..."
Sean's face was priceless on the zip line! 
Canopy tour Puerto Vallarta!
Yes, that is my fabulous 75-year-old grandpa! He came on the zip line with all of us kids. He is actually the one who made me want to go; he did it back in '05 and said it was so much fun that I had to do it this time around! 
The whole Drake bunch on the last formal night. What a good lookin' family huh? 
Mommy and all of her kids :) 

Prom pose :)

We had such a great time with our family. We ate a ton, danced, sang, relaxed, swam, played, laughed...it's times like these when you realize what is truly important in life. I am so grateful for such a wonderful family that I am sealed to for time and all eternity! We are so thankful for Nana and Bobba and their perfect examples. Thank you for a perfect week! 


Gena Susan said...

Yay! Glad you had such a fun family cruise!! My mom has always wanted to plan a huge family cruise to Alaka...maybe one year it'll happen :) Us girls are always taking turns having babies though, haha.

Erinn said...

You were on the same ship as us! How fun! I have to say I've never ate had Bristol Farms before, only Whole Foods. But I will give it a try. There's no excuse it's only a few blocks away. :)

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