Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Or able-skivvies as Matt named them :)
I made some for breakfast on Sunday morning!
Nana gave us a pan that weighs around 90 lbs. (maybe I'm exaggerating a little) and I was inspired by my Williams-Sonoma catalog that came and had this recipe in it.

Instead of doing the pecan pumpkin filling, I put cinnamon sugar in the middle of some. We ate them with Nana's strawberry jam and powdered sugar...yum!

My plate:

Matt's plate:


Kendra said...

Hey, I've been wanting to make those ever since I left CA! I'm part Danish, so I bought the pan, but haven't made them yet. How did they turn out? We're they super easy to make. They look so YUMMY!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh I love Aebleskivers!!! They are my favorite. We got a pan for our wedding. Your's look so yummy!!!! PS. I love your hair in the main pic!

Kara said...

They were amazing! I felt like I was in Solvang!! You have to try the recipe guys. Thanks Melissa :)

Lori Thompson said...

YUM! We too love these and name them the same (I'm not going to attenpt to try and spell it out though...) Love you guys!!

Shannon said...

Okay Mitch always talks about these!! He loves them. I need to learn how to make them! You are amazing, as always.

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