Friday, November 21, 2008

Hiking With Tiana Marie!

On Veteran's Day, Tiana and I went hiking up in SLO.
We hiked up Poly Canyon where there are all of these weird houses built by students in the architecture program.
It was so cool! Who knew all of this crazy stuff was back there?

The arch where you enter.

I thought this one looked like Luke Skywalker's house!

Our little horsey friend Tiana fondly named, "Boots."

Mrs. Parker in the Shell House!

Friends for 21 years!

View of some structures from the top.

Beautiful sunset on our drive home.
I'm so glad we got out and did something together, it was so fun to catch up.
Sometimes I feel like I see her less now than when she lived in Idaho; her and Josh live in Santa Maria now!
We need to make a habit of this :)

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