Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Halloween

We were total party poopers this Halloween! I can hear the collective gasp right now.
I feel like we are at the weird in between stage of Halloween. As youth, there are always great dances and parties to go to. As young adults, the infamous Santa Barbara dance/haunted house. Newlyweds without kids...nothing. None of our friends were throwing parties, and the trunk-or-treat seemed weird since we don't have kids to dress up in cute costumes.
So...on a date to Santa Barbara we went!

One of our favorite restaurants, Pascucci, was pretty empty! And how many nights of the year can {I Dream of} Jeannie be your server?

Empty restaurant = fun photo shoot time w/Matt & Kara

This is me angry at the camera because it slipped out of my hands and took a picture without my permission.

The lovely Jeannie offered to take our picture when she saw us laughing at the ridiculous pictures we were taking. Thanks Jeannie!

Matty enjoying his pannini :)

Also, Nordstrom was EMPTY! We made a mental note to always go shopping on Halloween! We had the place to ourselves...HEAVEN and a happy girl with a new pair of shoes :)

We had fun watching the freak show on State St. I loved watching people check us, "What are you guys supposed to be?" It was funny :)

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Becky and Caleb said...

That sounds like so much fun!

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