Monday, November 3, 2008

Myrna the Pirate

I'm taking an 8-week health class this term. I'll have my Associate's Degree after this class (finally) so I figured why not.
Even though I'm graduating with my Bachelors in Fall 2009, I decided it's good to have something to show for all of the credits I've taken for at least a year until I get the big piece of paper :)

I was somewhat worried going into this class because I have a lot on my plate.
16-week Literature class
16-week Film class
8-week Linguistics class
8-week Liberal Studies class

So adding another 8-week Health class seemed crazy.
But I did it anyway.
After the first day of class, I knew it was going to be just fine!

My teacher is a riot! I've been writing down the things she says so I can relate them to Matt when I get home. Imagine Michael Scott from The Office...but with blond hair and pretty. She delivers everything with a straight face! I don't think most of the class gets it. This one kid and I are always cracking up while the rest of the class looks, "Is she serious?" This makes it even more funny, of course :)
Here are some of her quotes:

"Put on your quiet shirts...or whatever it is teachers say..."
- After taking roll

"I'm too busy what? Getting my freak on."
- Ways to avoid depression

"Machete attack. That's not genetic. Don't worry about dying from a machete attack."
- Learning about our family trees and genetic diseases

"Dude, show me some attention instead of recycling all the time!"
- Learning about Lazlo's hierarchy and why it would be unwise to date a homeless guy at the bottom of the pyramid! (This one is my personal favorite)

"Can somebody get the lights? It's way too bright for this pirate."
- Class before Halloween, she was a pirate. Sword and all.

"Doctor, lawyer, fisherman, PIRATE."
- Respectable jobs

"We're all in a big pirate ship on our way to Health Island!"

That's all I have for now, as the class goes on I'll add more!


Anonymous said...

I had her for health class too! She is a great woman. Fielding was in my class too . . . imagine the hay-day she had when she read his name on the roll sheet ("Golden Fielding Steen-Larsen!)

Kara Miller said...

YES! I wish I was there for the day she saw his name on the roll...I bet she never let it go!

Gena said...

I love silly teachers!

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