Saturday, November 29, 2008

Feeling Pretty Crafty!

Last Saturday was 2nd Ward's Super Saturday!
They were kind enough to invite us 3rd Warders for the fun :)

This is what I am most proud of! I LOVE IT!!!
We didn't have any Thanksgiving decor, so I'm glad there is one thing I can hang on the wall now.

This little plate was too cute to pass up.
I can just picture Christmas cookies on it now!

This one is kind of hard to see. It's a 9x13 pan that I etched our last name into the bottom. So neat!
I won't ever lose a pan again! Unless someone else named Miller takes it...

Question: Do you guys think that this vinyl craze is just a phase?? Like will our kids look back on this stuff and go, "Mom! That's so 2008!!! Gross!"


Erinn said...

I love the pan idea. How cute! How did you do it?

Lori Thompson said...

LOVE the vinyl ideas, so cute. At first I thought vinyl was a phase, but it's still going strong. Maybe in another year or so. Part of my business is doing custom vinyl lettering and business is still hopping!

Sarah and John Root said...

I love all of the vinyl crafts! My mom made mine for me since we were in Boise. So cute!!

Kara said...

Erinn - You take a stencil/sticker of the name, tape off the rest of the pan, and put a solution in the letter spaces that peels back the layers of glass coating. Then it sits for an hour and you rinse it!
Lori - Agreed!
Sarah - I saw your name on some stuff and figured your momma was doing 'em! :)

Laura & Tyson said...

I love the etching of the name in the pan. I really need to do that...I swear my family is HUGE so potluck's get pretty interesting.

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