Monday, March 8, 2010

3 Months Old!

This past week, our sweet baby girl turned three months old.
It's cliche, but I'm gonna say goes by SO fast!
Ada weighs 16 lbs. and is around 26 in. long.
She has rolls on top of her rolls and is the most squishable, huggable, kissable little ball of goodness!

Things Ada does:
- rolls from her belly to her back
- supports her head and pushes up during tummy time
- sings & squeals...she is really finding her little voice!
- balances on Daddy's hand
- grabs hair, neck skin, blankets, clothing, faces, toys, etc.
- sucks on her lips & fists
- kicks like crazy
- smiles at herself in the mirror (she was crying and Matt took her in front of the mirror and she stopped, smiled, then continued to cry)
- pulls her binky out of her mouth & holds it
- smiles huge and sings along when sung to
- tries to sit up on her own
- checks out her feet when she has shoes on (the fetish has already begun...)
I'm thinking she really is going to have curly hair! The hair on the sides of her head started turning out like ringlets yesterday...we'll see as it grows more!
She also has the cutest dimple on her right cheek when she smiles huge. Uncle Devin spotted it the night we brought her home from the hospital, and it's in the same spot as my mom's. So cute!
Acting as maestro of Handel's Messiah with Daddy before church :)


Sue said...

Such cute chubby cheeks! :)

Erinn said...

She is so darn cute. Very sqeezable :)

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