Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ada's First Beach Day!

While Auntie Linds was in town, we went to Avila on St. Patrick's Day.
It was GORGEOUS out! The water was Arctic & took my breath away.
It's definitely still winter in the water, even though it didn't feel like it on the beach.
All is right with the world with Lindsay back in California.
I think between the baby, family, weather, & food...we've convinced her to move back!
It was neat because one year ago to the day, I told my mom I was pregnant.
Now look at what we have :)
She is not shy about smiling,
or pouting.
We call her bi-polar baby because sometimes she will be happy as a clam,
then suddenly bust out the lower lip and turn into sad baby.
We kept cool in the shade of the umbrella.
Then Ada relaxed and took a nap.
She didn't get covered in sand (her pacifiers are another story), probably the only time that will ever happen!
We had yummy Crab Louie salads at The Custom House to cap off a perfect day.
I am so excited to carry on beach days with my mom has been bringing us to Avila ever since I can remember!


Becky said...

How fun! I can't wait to start going to the beach. Finally starting to be warm enough so maybe soon!!

Great pics! :)

Lori Belle said...

Cute pictures! Looks like a FUN day! Wish we were there! I LOVE the beach!

Chantelle said...

She is the most beautifully adorable little baby girl! Oh my goodness I miss Cali. Enjoy the weather, the beach, the palm trees and the warm cali breeze for us! Enjoy every second with you rlittle beauty!

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