Friday, March 12, 2010

Modern Mom!

This week, my blog was featured on ModernMom!

Here is the synopsis I sent in (thanks to my sister Lindsay for the help's hard to sum up what you're all about in a short paragraph):

The Life and Times of the Millers

My blog is about love, happiness, and seeing the beauty in everyday life. It's about getting out and doing things, being active, and enjoying the gorgeous earth we live on. Having a baby doesn't mean that life has to stop. As a young new family on a tight budget, we invest in experiences rather than material things. Money isn't everything; family is. You can make do and live a full and happy life with less; we are living proof! As an amateur photographer, I love capturing my family through our experiences and moments in time and keeping an online journal for future generations.

Check out the whole article and other awesome blogs HERE!

Thank you for featuring me...I'm grateful for the exposure and new readers :)


Melissa said...

Congratulations that is awesome. Your blog is awesome so neat. I am really excited you got featured.

Shannon said...

How cool... You are a modern momma!

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