Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring & Renewal

On Saturday, we needed to get out. It was a beautiful 75-degree-sunny day on the central coast. I called my mom and she said she'd come with us to hike Pt. Sal.
It's amazing what fresh air, sunshine, breathtaking views, and some cardio will do for you.
We cried a little while talking about Sandy and how we miss her.
We also laughed remembering some of the silly things she did.
Looking around at the new purple blooms on the green hills that weren't there on our last hike made me think. Spring is here! Every day is a new one, every season is another time for growth and change. We are blessed with the ability to enjoy the beauty that is around us, and experience such tremendous love & joy. Because of this, we also feel the heartbreak and pain that is inevitable during our time on earth. There is opposition in all things.
After the rain comes the sun.
My baby girl was especially snuggly and smiley on Friday, she knew her momma needed extra cuddles and loves on that sad, sad day. She was my sunshine!
Her face gets so smooshed while she sleeps in the backpack.
She doesn't care for a camera in her face when she's just woken up...
My handsome husband overlooking the beach
The two of us laughing...Matt is trying to pin my hair down with his head because the wind was blowing it everywhere :)
What a beautiful area we live in!
I am so grateful for the sunshine, growth, & renewal in my life.
Because I taste the bitter, it means I can also taste the sweet.


Shannon said...

What a gorgeous day and hike! I only wish it was that nice here. And love your carrier too! Mitch just got ours and is practicing around the house with E in it, Lol!

Diana Hulme said...

your little girl is adorable! :)
how fun that you lived in kauai - that's amazing! we actually didn't get a hula pie, we were going to and by the end of our meal we were so stuffed we didn't get it. oh well, we'll just have to go back!

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